What Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

Are you getting ready to decorate your bedroom, but are having trouble coming up with ideas of what colors that go well with cherry wood bedroom furniture? Cherry wood is beautiful, but it can be hard to balance with other colors. Luckily, we have some great ideas that you can use to decorate your bedroom that has cherry wood furniture.

The answer to your question: “what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture” are about to be answered! We’ll take you through all of the options that are available to you and recommend some great solutions for overcoming the challenges of balancing cherry wood with other colors.

Let’s find out what colors that go with cherry wood bedroom furniture

Wall Colors

  • Earthy Green
    If you want the room to feel earthy and like nature, then you can’t go wrong with a dull green. Green pairs very well with the bright brown/red of your cherry wood bedroom furniture.
  • Warm Gray
    If you’re going for more of a contemporary or refined feel, then you might want to go with a warm gray. Warm gray can instantly bring the room up a notch and it also creates a neutral space for other decor to take hold of the area.
  • White
    Painting your walls white would contrast sharply against the cherry wood furniture and make it feel bright and spacious. Floral white would be a good choice for wall color if you have a bedroom furniture set made from cherry wood.
  • Dark Blue
    For maximum class, dark blue should be a candidate. Painting your walls dark blue is classy and bold and looks great next to cherry wood furniture. It’s important to not pick a blue that is too bright, because it could be too overwhelming.
colors that go well with cherry wood bedroom furniture

Bedding Colors

  • Pale Pink
    An under-the-radar choice for bedding colors is a pale pink color. This would pair unexpectedly well with your cherry wood furniture and it also provides a needed warmth in the room.
  • Mint Green
    Mint green is another option. Green has always paired well with cherry, and you can easily find furniture colors and sheets in this color just about anywhere. These colors would combine to make a calming space for you to sleep.
  • Animal Print
    For a more homey feel, consider going with animal print. Animal print goes well with cherry wood and not only does it make the room feel more like home, but it also makes the room more classy and upscale. Enjoy the coziness!

Carpet Colors

  • Beige
    For a classic, traditional look, go with a beige area rug. This seamlessly unites the cherry wood with lighter-colored walls and creates a contemporary space. If you go this route, you will want to carefully choose the rest of your decor and accessories!
  • Gray
    Another option for those that want a contemporary space is a gray carpet. Gray carpeting has a slightly more modern feel and gives a neutral canvas for the rest of the decor. It pairs very well with the brown tones of any wood in the room.
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Accent Colors

  • Orange
    If you want something energetic and slightly off the wall, consider some orange accents such as throw pillows. They pair well with wood tones and create areas that attract the eyes. You can use orange in pillows, picture frames, or shelving to achieve this effect.With orange, you can achieve more of an abstract environment and even display some more modern art in the room.
  • Yellow
    For something that is lively and cheerful, one option that you have is yellow accents. You can use yellow accents in a variety of ways. Many people put up photos of flowers to include a bit of yellow in their room.You can also put up pale yellow curtains. Yellow works well with cherry wood and almost any other color that you pair with the cherry wood for the walls and the carpet. The result is often a very cheerful and modern space that has plenty of interesting parts to look at.
  • Pastels
    If you want to go for a more girly or romantic feel, then you should consider pastels. Pastels are great because they can be used in so many different ways. You can use them on the walls, in the bedding, or even in the carpeting.Pastel colors work very well with cherry wood and they give the room a very warm and inviting feeling. If you want to achieve a more romantic atmosphere, then pastels could be the way to go!

Let’s Recap

While having cherry wood furniture can sometimes create a challenge from a design standpoint, it should also be seen as an opportunity. Cherry wood furniture is absolutely beautiful and has lots of potential when used right in combination with other colors.
With our suggestions, you should be able to piece together a room that you absolutely love!

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