13 Amazing Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas And Tips

The farmhouse bathroom wall decors are becoming popular day by day. There are several reasons for the farmhouse style to go well for bathrooms. The foremost reason is that the farmhouse style uses more white based lights. This improves the aesthetics of the space. Farmhouse bathrooms give different attire to the space and make it a private sanctuary. They give a different style. Above all the modern farmhouse bathrooms and their wall decors are affordable. Let’s us dive in for 13 of the amazing modern farmhouse bathroom wall decor ideas.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Décor ideas

farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas

The elements used in a modern farmhouse style are rustic. It is essential to add modern details to avoid the look being more country chic. The following are some of the modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas:

Use a barn door

A sliding barn door is a fun way to bring the farmhouse look to your bathroom. Also, the sliding barn door work perfectly in smaller spaces. The barn door takes the visual interest of the user to next level.

Matte Hardware

The black matte hardware in a white tiled bathroom is the best known combination. Generally matte refers to colors that are not shiny. The matte hardware is dull, flat. The surfaces of matte hardware are smooth and finished. However, they are not shiny. Matte surfaces can be rough and granular. The matte hardware look is non-reflective. Also, the matte look is sophisticated and clean.

Modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas MatteSource: Vertical Arts Architecture

Choose right colors

If you are looking for modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas, you should first search for correct colors.

Farmhouse colors include neutral hues like browns, tans, creams, grays, and off whites; earthy tones like deep reds, oranges, golds, and yellows; and even bright, bold shades like blue, green, yellow, and orange. Add in some wooden elements and metals, and you’ve got yourself a home that feels both classic and contemporary at once.

modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas color

Wall paneling

You can put up wall panels. The wall panels work well in uneven wall surfaces. Paneling adds clean atmosphere to the bathrooms. There are different types of wall paneling. They are decorative wall paneling, tile board paneling, utility paneling, acoustics paneling, etc.
Apart from giving a modern farmhouse look, the wall panels also adds elegance to the space. The cavities in the panel insulate the room acoustically and thermally. Also, the wall panels help to hide the flaws on the surface of the walls. The wall panels help to hide the cables and wires running in the bathroom space. The wall panels are replaceable. Therefore you can easily change the décor to your will.

modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideasSource: Jenna Sue Design @jennasuedesign.com

Plenty of light

If you are looking for modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas, the foremost thing you should consider is to allow plenty of light enter the bathroom. Good lighting enhances the materials used in the wall. Using plenty of wooden finishes in the room or place the wooden items near the relaxing areas in the bathroom with ample amount of the light the wooden materials bring the farmhouse effect.

modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas lighting


Go for elegant monochrome. That is, use only one color in the bathroom space. Make sure the color is rustic. Color of wood, jute and grey bring out the farmhouse look better.

farmhouse bathroom wall decor ideas Monochrome

Wood floor in contrast to the walls

Consider laying wood floor to give a farmhouse look to your bathroom. Use smooth hardwoods contrasting the walls. The wire brushed finishes also brings out the farmhouse look very well. Laying wood floors is one of the most affordable farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas.

Traditional Bath tub

Choose a bath tub made of metal. You can also place the tub in the center of the room or next to a wall. This will bring the focal point to the tub. Use a side table to place the bathing products. You can enhance the look by adding contemporary wood paneling and graphic tiles. These elements help in bringing the farmhouse look to your bathroom.
modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas feature image

Use marble splashback

The marble splashback add in luxury and opulence. White marble increases the brightness of the space and dark marble makes the room look sophisticated. Apart from giving a farmhouse look, the marble splash back has other benefits. They are stain free and light weight. If you are looking for farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas, using marble splash back is one of the best options.

Mix up the textures

Texture is the tactile element. You can feel and touch the texture of the space. Also, texture adds balance and increases visual interest to a space. If you are looking for farmhouse bathroom wall décor you should go for different texture, colors, materials and metals. It is not about a single object. For instance, use soft texture for tiles and rough texture for floors.

modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas

Make it simple

The foremost step to create a farmhouse bathroom wall décor is to keep it simple. Do not go for sparkling decorations. A farmhouse is about simple, but effective. Make the look serene.

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Stay rustic

Use rustic wooden cabinet. Fill in the space with natural elements. You can combine these elements with modern mixer tap and worktop basin.

Use wooden beams

The best way to bring out the look of a farmhouse is to fuse modern and traditional objects. Use wooden beams with a neutral color scheme.

modern farmhouse bathroom wall décor ideas wooden beamsSource: @digsdigs.com

Hope the ideas and tips will help inspiring you in decorating your bathroom walls. The key is to keep the design simple to get a perfect farmhouse look!

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