How to Pick the Best Wall Colors with Travertine Floor

Renowned for their timeless aesthetic, travertine floors have become the first pick of many homeowners. People have been using this material to construct durable surfaces since Roman times. Many centuries have passed but people have continued to use this material to construct eye-catching structures.

You will never worry about cleaning and maintaining floors if you install travertine tiles. UV radiation does not affect the shades of this flooring material. Therefore, it remains new and attractive for many years.

You have made a great decision to install a Travertine floor if you are building or renovating your house. This post will help you explore the best wall colors with travertine floor. So, continue reading to find the best shades with travertine flooring.

Wall colors that go well with travertine floor

Travertine floors are available in white, orange, yellow, and red colors. This material gains such unique colors due to the precipitation and temperature of aragonite in the clay. You can also find gray and green colors in this flooring material.

The selection of the right wall color majorly depends on the travertine flooring color. You need to recognize compatible pain shades to improve the curb appeal of the interior.

Suppose you decide to install warm-colored travertine tiles, you must avoid warm-colored shades for walls. This flooring material comes with marble-like markings. Those markings make it appear like a premium flooring material.

Best Wall Colors with Travertine Floor

The following wall colors look great with travertine floors:

Dark colors:

You should pick dark color paint for interior walls if you are installing a light-toned travertine floor. This combination creates a dramatic vibe. This color combination will enhance the brightness and make the interior look more appealing.

You can pick the following colors:

  • Blue: This color can efficiently control the brightness created by light-colored travertine. This wall paint can be available in both darker and lighter shades!
  • Deep brown: Suppose you have installed yellow or golden travertine tiles on the floor, deep brown will look awesome on that floor. The interior will look classic and more elegant. It is a perfect pick for the living room where you will entertain all guests.
  • Green: It is a cool color to paint with warm-color travertine flooring. It effectively controls brightness and goes well with several warm colored floors.

Neutral shades

Neutral color wall paints enhance the beauty of the interior with all types of flooring materials. Certain neutral colors look much better with travertine flooring, such as:

  • Gray: Whether it is dark gray or soft gray, both shades look impressive with travertine tiles. Consider this combination if you want to create a modern and sophisticated look in your home.
  • White: It is a classy color that looks impressive with dark-toned flooring materials. Many homes have hardwood floors with white walls. Since you have picked travertine flooring, the ivory-gray tone of white color will look pretty eye-catching on walls. It must be your top pick if you are installing earthy or mahogany travertine flooring in your new home.
  • Beige: It is one of the most popular picks in wall colors with the dark-toned flooring material. Beige color paints offer an elegant and soothing ambience. Its combination with a travertine floor works efficiently to maintain ideal brightness levels in the room.

Other wall paint color options you can consider:

  • Cream: Are you looking for a color to enhance the classical appeal of travertine? Pick cream color paint for your walls. This hue goes well gray and earthy colored travertine floors. Feel free to explore more options to maintain brighter ambience in your home.
  • Pale green: It may not be the most widely chosen wall color, but it looks good with dark- toned travertine flooring. It beautifies walls in a natural tone. Well-balanced brightness and a soothing environment are some perks of pale green walls!
  • Light yellow: Many property owners go with light yellow because it requires very few lights to brighten up the entire room. Travertine with a yellowish undertone goes well with light yellow walls. Red and earthy color travertine floors also look pretty cool with light yellow walls!
  • Taupe: Yes, it is the gray color with a tinge of brown. It looks slightly dusky and goes well with warm-colored travertine flooring. You can also try a combination of taupe walls with grayish travertine tiles.

Forest green, eggplant, burgundy, and midnight blue are some more wall paint color options to assess. However, the above-recommended shades of neutral and dark colors are the top pick of professional interior decorators.


Wall paint producing brands offer numerous tones on the sheet. It can be pretty daunting to identify the best wall color combination with the flooring material. Travertine floor is available in limited shades. Experiment with more colors to try something new. Your interior will certainly look more eye-grabbing and comforting if you go for one of the suggested wall and travertine color combinations.

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