Are Ziploc Bags Causing a Mess in Your Kitchen Drawers? Learn How to Organize Ziploc Bags in Drawer!

Do your kitchen drawer and refrigerator look poorly organized? Do you find it tough to store leftover food, snacks, and groceries properly? Ziploc bags can help you keep the food fresh and store it in a well-organized way.

Ziploc bags are affordable and made of high-quality plastic material to store food and other items. They come with a zip fastener that allows you to open and close the bag several times. It seals the item stored inside to prevent it from decaying faster.

You are probably familiar with the benefits of Ziploc bags if you are using them! So, how to organize Ziploc bags in a drawer? Should you simply put them in a drawer to access them whenever required or pay extra attention to the organization of such stuff? Let’s find out!

Why Should You Organize Ziploc Bags?

Ziploc bags are extremely useful. Therefore, those bags are available in most kitchens across the globe. Many people find it tough to organize Ziploc bags. Those bags can create a mess in your kitchen and other drawers.

If you want to access those bags readily, you have to keep them organized as efficiently as possible. There are certain drawers in the kitchen where you do not want to store storage bags. Grocery drawers are one of those storage areas, where Ziploc bags can make the entire space messy. Therefore, you must keep Ziploc bags organized in your home and workspace!

how to organize ziploc bags in drawer

How to Organize Ziploc Bags in Drawer

It may sometimes seem impossible to keep those Ziploc bags organized, but it isn’t. You can try several methods to declutter drawers and organize those plastic bags with other things. There are both DIY methods and ready-made organization solutions. Let’s explore some effective ways of organizing Ziploc bags!

• Get Ziploc bag drawer organizers

If you are using Ziploc bags frequently in the kitchen, you must store them in kitchen drawers. Those bags can create a mess in kitchen drawers if you do not use a box or container to keep them organized.

Get a few wooden organizers to store all your Ziploc bags. Those organizers can efficiently contain plastic bags, aluminum foil, and other such items. You can also use such organizers to store leftover food, snack, and other ingredients in Ziploc bags.

Many e-retail sites provide ready-made wooden organizers to store Ziploc bags. They are large enough to store your plastic bags and fit perfectly inside a standard-size kitchen drawer. You can take all the bags out of the packaging and store them in those organizers.

• Baby wipe container

There are certain items in your home that you can use to contain Ziploc bags in a well-organized way. Baby wipe containers can become ideal storage units for plastic bags in the kitchen. Get a used baby wipe container and fill it with all your food storage bags. Place that container inside the kitchen drawer and the problem is solved!

You can use other such boxes to organize plastic bags. Use scissors to create a larger opening if you want to pull the plastic bag out more readily. Plastic boxes can also become ideal containers for food storage packets and aluminum foil. Cut the lid of the box from the center and fill it with plastic bags. Now, there won’t be a mess in your kitchen drawer!

• Empty tissue box

You don’t need to buy a plastic bag organizer for kitchen drawers if you already got some empty tissue boxes. These boxes are large enough to hold many Ziploc bags at once and keep them well-organized for weeks.

If you do not use tissues at home, buy affordable tissue boxes online. A simple plastic or wooden tissue box will do the job. Make sure it can contain all the Ziploc bags you have in the kitchen. Besides, it should offer an opening large enough to pick up and remove plastic bags conveniently.

Other Ways of Organizing Ziploc Bags:

• Wall-mount Ziploc organizer

Suppose you do not have enough space to organize the Ziploc bag in kitchen drawers, buy a wall-mount Ziploc bag organizer. You can hang it anywhere in the kitchen and fill it with Ziploc bags, aluminum foil, or other plastic bags.

This type of organizer is made of wood and plastic materials. They make it super easy to store and remove the food packaging material. Your kitchen will look much cleaner and clutter-free if you use such products to organize packaging materials.

• Refrigerator Ziploc bag organizer

Do you leave leftover food on the rack in your refrigerator? Such bags can occupy a much larger space and reduce the fridge’s storage capacity. Get a Ziploc bag organizer and install it inside the fridge. It will make your refrigerator look clean and well-organized.


There are many innovative ways of keeping Ziploc bags organized in drawers. Follow the recommended solutions to utilize the available storage space in the best possible way!

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