How To Lighten Up Your Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets?

Cherry cabinets are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. They are a rich, dark red color that can really make a statement in your kitchen. Cherry cabinets are also very durable and will last for many years. But people often complaints that having cherry cabinets in kitchen makes their kitchen getting darker and dull. If you have cherry cabinets and feeling the same, you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to brighten up your kitchen and make it look beautiful without spending a lot of money.

How to lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets?

Use white countertops

White countertops change the look of the dark and outdated cherry cabinets. They make your kitchen look modern. You can pair these white counter tops with any color cherry cabinet. Also, this is a simple and affordable way. If you are wondering, “How to lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets?” using white countertops is the easiest way.

How to lighten up your kitchen with Cherry cabinets

Use light backsplash

Use a white light backsplash. The white backsplashes add brightness to your kitchen space. This is the simplest way to lighten up your kitchen. Back splash lights are affordable and therefore they won’t break your bank balance!

lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets light backsplash

Use new appliances and hardware

If you are wondering, how to lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets, there is another way. Replace the appliances with brand new ones. While buying new appliances make sure they are of bright colors. You may choose white based colors. Do not go for darker tones like red or black. Bright colored appliances add contrast to the dull cherry cabinets.

Despite of replacing the appliances, you can also add new hardware to the kitchen. This will give a modern look to the kitchen.

Use white uppers

Add new white upper cabinets. Two toned kitchen is becoming popular these days. What is two toned kitchen? The entire kitchen is built in two colors. This includes the appliances, hardware, cabinet and countertops. For instance, a two toned kitchen has white based counter tops and red based cabinets or a two toned kitchen is paired with bright back splash lights and dark hardware. Adding bright colored upper cabinets will give a modern look to your kitchen with cherry cabinets.

Find the right colors

Pondering how to lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets, choose complementary colors. Cherry cabinets are of darker shades. So choose complementary hardware, countertop, backsplash and floor colors. Here are some tips:

  • Use beige, pastel and white colors for small colors. These colors make the space look larger. Also, they add in good contrast to the dark-toned cherry cabinets.
  • If your cherry cabinets are red-toned, go for neutral colors. Colors like grey, green and brown pair up good with red-based cherry cabinets. Also, the blue-grey combo brings out vibrancy in the kitchen with cherry cabinets.
  • Choose complementary colors for your hardware, countertops and floors. You can use a color wheel to choose complementary colors. Many people avoid colors like green. But light green walls and green backsplashes coincide very well with cherry cabinets.
  • Go for grey based tones. There is a wide misconception that grey colors make your kitchen look dull. This is not true. Grey colors add up good brightness to the kitchen with cherry cabinets. You can also use grey based appliances, countertops, flooring. Grey tones make your dark toned cherry cabinets stand out in natural lighting.

Black Countertops

You may think that the cherry cabinets are dark toned. In that case, how will a black colored counter top lighten up the space? Actually the black countertops pop up elegantly above the cherry cabinets. Pair these with a light green back splash and stainless steel appliances. Your kitchen becomes ‘royal’ with this set up. The cherry cabinets bring the luxurious look when paired with right counter tops and appliances.

Blue Island

The blue islands add in good pop up to the traditional cherry cabinets. You can use tiled backsplash and white countertops along with the Blue Island to make the design inspiring.

lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets blue islandSource:

So far, we discussed about lightening the kitchen. Let us now discuss about How to lighten cherry cabinets in kitchen?

How to lighten cherry cabinets in kitchen?

After few years of usage, the cherry cabinets become dull. It is expensive to replace the cherry cabinets. Also, replacing them makes your kitchen messy. Lightening the cherry cabinets is the best alternate.

Here are few tips to lighten the cherry cabinets in your kitchen.

Clean the cabinets regularly

Clean the cherry cabinets thoroughly. There are dirt and grease residues on the cabinet that make them appear dark. Use a scrub and wipe off the dirt. You can use bleaches to remove the dirt. Get bleaches sold in hardware stores.


Paint the cherry cabinets. This is the most affordable option. Use a lighter paint shade. The lighter colors brightens the kitchen space.

Use appropriate lighting

  • Use overhead lighting. You can choose flush mount ceiling lamps, track lights, pendant lights and sem-flush mount Chandelier.
  • Use bright lights and bulbs in the kitchen. The fluorescent lights and LED lights are energy-saving. Also, they make the kitchen space brighter as compared to that of the traditional lights.
  • You can use hang lamps. They are a good choice if your kitchen has minimal overhead lighting.
  • Use under cabinet lights. These lights are more appealing and are good option if your kitchen is dark and cramped with cherry cabinets. You can also use light bars as they create wonderful effect.
  • Brighten the corners of the kitchen. Use track lighting, pendant lighting, or modern rail lighting to focus specific dark areas in the kitchen with cherry cabinets.
  • Cherry cabinets fill the kitchen and give a dark appearance. Let in more natural light. Keep the windows open. Use transparent curtains.

Add mirrors

Install mirrors to create illusion. Mount a mirror opposite to the window. This should help in maximizing the effect of the mirror installation in the space. You can use an old wooden frame mirror to increase the appeal.

Add metallic components

Adding metallic components brightens your kitchen space as metal reflects light. You can bring in the metallic components by adding stainless steel fridge, stainless steel sink, or adding appliances with metallic finish, and use utensils made of bronze, copper or silver.

Open shelving

Reduce the usage of closed shelves in the kitchen. This will make the kitchen with cherry cabinets look brighter. Also, you can use these open shelves to display the ceramics and China clays. They will add to the aesthetic appeal.

Remove the varnish

Removing the varnish is one of the best ways to lighten up the kitchen with cherry cabinets. The wood in the kitchen brightens when you remove the varnish. Use sand to smoothen the cabinets.

Apply stain blocking primer

The cherry cabinets become darker mainly because of dirt accumulation. To delay this, apply a coat of stain blocking primer. Use a 3-4 inch foam brush to apply the primer.

If you are planning to change the paint on your cherry cabinets, go for wine red, royal blue, mustard yellow and green. These colors give a modern and trendy look to your cherry cabinets and will lighten up the kitchen.


Hope our ideas will help you to lighten up your kitchen with cherry cabinets and also lighten cherry cabinets in kitchen in a perfect and affordable way.

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