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Plastic food packaging bags are the most commonly used packaging items to store and preserve foods. Food brands across the globe use those bags to package and supply fresh and processed foods. 

You should also use such food packaging solutions to store leftover foods, carry foods on a trip, and preserve delicious meals. Ziploc bags are the best when it comes to preserving fresh and delicious food items. 

It can be a bit tough to keep those bags organized when you do not have a container! You should buy the best Ziploc bag organizer along with those bags to prevent a mess in your kitchen drawers. 

Continue reading to find out some top-rated Ziploc bag organizers! 

Best Ziploc Bag Organizers

Tujetsch Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer For Kitchen Drawer

This bamboo baggie holder should be your top pick if you are looking for a high-quality Ziploc bag organizer. Tujetsch has designed it only to organize food packaging bags. Being a bamboo box, it can withstand moisture and remain sturdy for years. 

Designers have considered the size of widely used Ziploc bags before creating this box. It can organize Ziploc bags from all popular food packaging material manufacturers. It won’t be necessary to fold those bags weirdly to make them fit inside this organizer. 

Being made of natural renewable bamboo, this plastic bag organizer is sturdy. It can fit easily inside standard-size kitchen drawers. Openings are wide enough to easily pick and remove Ziploc bags one by one. 

There are four slots to organize food packaging materials. You can put different types of bags inside this box and take them out to package different types of food items. This box’s design allows you to put it inside drawers or hang it on the wall. 

  • Affordable and durable Multiple slots to organize different food packaging items Lightweight and easy to clean 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer
  • It may not fit in your kitchen drawer if it is smaller than regular kitchen drawers! 


JAYFOND Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer

Jayfond has designed this organizer specifically for Ziploc bags. However, it can organize and hold bags from various other brands. It keeps those bags in immediate reach so that you can conveniently store and organize your food. 

You get four boxes in this set to organize food storage bags. A 1-gallon box can hold large-size bags and a 1 quartz box is perfect for smaller bags. There are sandwich and snack boxes to hold smaller bags and keep them organised. Thus, you get a container to organize various types of food storage bags without any issue. 

All four containers come with wide openings. Putting and removing plastic bags won’t be a daunting task. They can fit easily in all types of drawers. Thus, you can prevent a mess and keep your kitchen drawers clean forever. 

It is the best Ziploc bag organizer for users, who got small size drawers. You can set those four containers conveniently in the drawer. It won’t be necessary to hang any container on the wall and thus your Ziploc gabs will always be easy to access.

  • You can store over 200 different size bags in those containers
  • Made of natural bamboo material 
  • Built to organize a variety of items that cause a mess in kitchen drawers 
  • Cost-effective and stylish! 
  • This organizer does not come as one unit! 


6in1 Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer for Kitchen Drawer by Yunzhu 

Do you want to keep all food packaging materials organized in the same place? Buy this 6-in-1 Ziplock bag organizer. It offers six slots to organize aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and four different size food bags. You will save space in the kitchen drawer and use it to store other stuff as well. 

This box comes with 3 keyholes. You can hang it on the wall if you do not want to store food bags in the drawer. It is compatible with full-size Ziploc bags, sandwich bags, snack bags, and quart bags. Besides, there will be ample space for tin foil and plastic wrap. 

Yunzhu has used top-quality bamboo material to ensure this container offers years of unproblematic service. It is affordable, reliable, and perfectly designed for well-organized storage.

  • Built to store all sorts of food storage bags and wraps
  • Stylish and durable
  • 3 keyholes to mount the box on a wall
  • User-friendly and stylish
  • Not quite affordable! 


GEYILO Storage Bag Organizer

Built to fit in most storage boxes, the Geyilo Storage Bag Organizer is a versatile choice for your kitchen. You get four separate baggie organizers. Each one of these organizers is designed to hold a different size bag. Whether you use plastic bags from Ziploc or some other brand, they will fit in those boxes. 

Geyilo has used environment-friendly material to craft those boxes. Thickened bamboo boxes keep Ziploc bags clean for months and quick access whenever needed. It’s okay if you got small kitchen drawers. Geyilo Storage Bag Organizers will fit conveniently. 

Most buyers praise this storage bag organizer for its stylish design. It appears like you have installed high-quality bamboo boxes inside the drawer. They are easy to clean and pretty sturdy. So, you can expect years of unproblematic service and a well-organized kitchen.

  • 4 separate organizers for 4 types of food bags
  • Made of thickened bamboo material
  • Easy to clean and set up
  • A space-saving solution for small kitchens
  • You can mount this organizer on the wall!


Dfang Ziplock Bag Organizer for Kitchen Drawer

It is one of the most stylish Ziploc bag organizers you can buy for your home. Dfang has designed it to hold four types of plastic bags people usually use to store foods. It provides ample space for holding numerous plastic bags in an organized way.  

The lid comes with a wider opening. You can pull it out to refill the container with food bags. Close the lid and you are ready to access food bags without any trouble. Being ‎13.15 x 13.07 x 3.11 inches in size, this organizer fits in all sorts of kitchen drawers. You can also hang it on the wall to display its beautiful design. 

Dfang has used durable bamboo material to craft this box. All four slots got wide openings to remove Ziploc bags. You don’t get a slot to store tin foil, but it is perfect to hold plastic bags.

  • Stylish and sturdy design
  • Natural bamboo material
  • Removable lid
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • It can’t hold tin foil! 


BOPHILI Ziploc Bag Organizer 

It is a transparent Ziploc bag organizer that offers a cleaner appeal to your drawers. Built to hold a quart, snack, sandwich, and gallon bags, Bophili Ziploc Bag Organizer is clean and impressive. It will make your kitchen look impressive, whether you put it on the counter or inside the drawer. 

This acrylic bag organizer comes with a lid at the bottom. Remove that lid and you can put bags in all slots. There is no risk of accidentally pulling the lid. It won’t deform or catch mold because you can keep it dry throughout the year. 

The manufacturer assures this box won’t break due to your hand pressure. Buy it if you want a sturdy and clean box to organize food bags.

  • Clean and transparent design
  • The bottom lid makes it easy to refill the box
  • Four slots for four types of plastic bags
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Not as durable as its bamboo counterparts! 


Cozee Bay Bamboo Ziplock Bag Organizer for Kitchen Drawer


Looking for a solid food storage bag organizer? Cozee Bay got a perfect solution for your demands. It is offering four bamboo organizers to store gallon, quartz, sandwich, and snack bags. Unlike regular bamboo material boxes, this organizer comes in black color. 

These plastic bag organizers can fit in all sorts of drawers. Refilling is pretty simple and boxes are large enough to hold over 200 bags at a time. You can store bags from Ziploc and many other brands without folding them. No assembling is required and cleaning those containers is piece of cake.

  • Made of durable bamboo wood
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Built to organize all sorts of plastic bags
  • Stylish and affordable
  • Not built to be used as a wall-mount Ziploc bag organizer



Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer for Kitchen Drawer By Flovers

It is another lightweight acrylic Ziploc bag organizer. Flovers has designed it for homeowners, who seek a simple and durable organizer. You get it with screws to hang it on a wall if there is not enough space in the drawer. 

Its four compartments can hold four different size food bags popularly used to store foods. Its contemporary style makes it a perfect fit for modern kitchens. Flovers deliver a fully assembled organizer to save you time. So, you can unpack it and start organizing plastic bags!

  • Sturdy and easy to clean
  • Built for modern kitchens 
  • Holds 4 types of Ziploc bags at once
  • Comes fully assembled with screws to hang on the wall
  • There is no lid! 


Homerays Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer for Drawer

Built to store new generation plastic storage bags, it got an appealing design and storage capacity. Whether you use 1-gallon bags or snack bags, it can hold them al. Homerays has crafted this organizer to hold plastic bags sold by numerous brands. 

Hundreds of American users have bought this product and they praised its build quality. The sleek design and larger storage capacity allow you to store bags for several months. The manufacturer provides 21 labels to sort out different types of bags for storing different types of foods. 

It is cost-effective, durable, and pretty useful when it comes to organizing packaging supplies.

  • Clean and sleek design
  • Made of durable and eco-friendly material
  • Offering 4 slots for 4 types of food storage bags
  • Affordable and quite durable
  • No lid to open the container and refill the box! 


Flovers Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer

Designed to keep kitchen drawers clean and de-cluttered, Flovers Ziplock Bag Organizer is durable and affordable. It comes with 4 slots to accommodate gallon, quartz, sandwich, and snack bags. 

It is a wall-mountable food bag organizer. It can organize plastic bags from many brands that craft airtight bags or food storage. It is an acrylic plastic bag container. It can last as long as bamboo containers. Besides, it is much easier to clean than bamboo boxes. 

Invest in this Ziploc bag organizer if you want a modern and stylish plastic bag organizer.

  • It’s a beautiful white Ziploc bag organizer for modern kitchens
  • Four compartments for 4 types of food bags
  • Lightweight and wall-mountable
  • Cost-effective
  • Less durable than wooden Ziploc bag organizers!


CRAKTH Bamboo Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer

It is a user-friendly Ziploc bag organizer with 12″ L, 12″ W, and 3″ H dimensions. As you can see, it fits in most kitchen drawers. You can also use it to store tissues and other items. Its four compartments help you keep different size plastic bags separately organized in the drawer. 

Crakth has used natural renewable bamboo wood to craft this thick and durable container. The manufacturer promises years of satisfying service if you manage to keep it dry and clean. It will take just a few seconds to refill this organizer and taking plastic bags out is super easy. Therefore, you should consider it!

  • Made of durable bamboo wood
  • Fits inside a kitchen drawer and can be used as a wall-mount Ziploc bag organizer
  • Quite durable!
  • Accommodates all sorts of food storage bags
  • It does not have a removable lid! 


You got 11 extremely durable, stylish, and well-designed Ziploc bag organizers. It should be super easy to pick the best organizer for your kitchen drawer! Assess the design, size, and material quality to pick the best Ziploc bag organizer! 

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