4 Best Black Paint to Use for Stair Railing

A stair railing makes your house safer and more beautiful. Coat it with black paint and that railing will remain new and shiny for many years. Paint brands provide a variety of paints to beautify and protect metal railing.

You should paint the stair railing not only for aesthetic purposes but also to increase its lifespan. High-quality paint coating prevents corrosion and keeps the railing sturdy forever. It eliminates the risk of stains and makes the railing easy to clean.

You already know the benefits of painting stair railing. That’s why you are looking for the best black paint for stair railing. Continue reading to find out top-quality and top-rated options in black paint for stair railing installed in your dwelling.

Best Black Paint for Stair Railing

Best Black Paint for Stair Railing

Many paint brands produce paints to coat metal surfaces. Certain paints last much longer than others. They prevent environmental damage to the railing and thus increase its lifespan. The following are the best black paints you can use to paint your stair railing:

1. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint


Rust-Oleum has been producing high-quality rust-proof paints since 1921. The founder Robert Fergusson had collaborated with a chemist to produce a paint that can prevent corrosion on his ship’s metal deck. Thus, this company was born and it has been serving customers since then.

Rust-Oleum has become a global leader today. It develops innovative solutions to coat and protect metal surfaces. Its 1979502 Painter’s Touch Latex Paint is an exceptional pick to coat metal staircase railing.

The following features make this black paint the first choice of experts and homeowners:

Formulated to protect both indoor and outdoor railings

You can use this paint to coat the stair railing installed inside and outside the house. Rust-Oleum has designed to protect metal, wood, masonry ceramic, and plaster. It is a multipurpose paint that adheres to the applied surface strongly and protects it for many years.
Rain, heat, moisture, and cold temperature do not affect this paint. Therefore, it lasts much longer than ordinary paints. Buy it if you want to protect metal surfaces against rust.

Long-lasting protection

Rust-Oleum has used a water-based acrylic formula to produce this paint. It spreads smoothly over the metal surface. The coating does not come off due to heat and moisture. It protects the railing efficiently and eliminates the need to repaint it within a few months.

Consider this stair railing paint if you are looking for odorless metal paint for long-term protection. You won’t spot chips and cracks in paint coating for a long time!

Quick drying

This stair railing paint dries within 30 minutes to offer quick protection and prevent accidental stains. Buy the recommended pack and you can cover up to 120 square-feet area with it.

Glossy finish

Your stair railing will look like a newly installed railing due to the glossy finish of Rust-Oleum paint. It smoothens rough edges and offers a better grip over the railing.

All those features and thousands of positive reviews make Rust-Oleum 1979502 the best black paint available to coat stair railing.

2. Rust-Oleum Canyon Black Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Premium Latex Paint


This ultra cover premium latex paint from Rust-Oleum is a multi-purpose solution to protect metal stair railings. Professional painters recommend this brush-on paint to smooth out rough metal surfaces. Its durable finish assures homeowners that they won’t need to repaint railing and other objects for many weeks.

Rust-Oleum’s quick drying formula assures the paint will dry out within 20-30 minutes. This black paint has been tested in various conditions to ensure it does not chip or fade away. You can apply it on various surfaces to get a smooth and glossy finish.

Multipurpose paint

Rust-Oleum assures that this black paint can protect wood, metal, unglazed or masonry ceramic, and plastered surfaces. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Follow the right painting technique and it will offer the protection you demand to paint.

No weird odor

Rust-Oleum 267332 does not make an irritating odor like other metal paints. Its water-based acrylic formula resists chipping efficiently. Besides, this paint grips the applied surface immediately and dries within 30 minutes. It should be your first choice if you want to finish the paint job quickly.

Satin finish

This black paint comes with a satin finish to prevent surface imperfections. The stair railing feels much smoother after paint coating. Besides, it offers an excellent hide to design flaws on the surface.

Experts recommend sanding the railing or other surfaces before applying this black paint. Clean the surface before painting and then apply this Rust-Oleum paint. It will efficiently increase the lifespan of your stair railings.


3. THE ONE Paint & Primer Quick Drying Craft Paint for Interior/Exterior

The Rainbow Chalk Makers have introduced The One paint and premium combo. This black paint is suitable to protect metal, furniture, walls, and bathroom surfaces. It is a budget-friendly alternative to expensive metal paints.

The following features make it a reliable solution for your demands:

Great coverage

Since this black paint comes as a blend of paint and primer, you do not large quantities of the paint to cover the surface. A little amount of paint can go a long way. It requires very little preparation and then you are ready to paint the railing.
Users have applied it on internal and external metal railings. They rate it as one of the most durable paints to protect metal surfaces.

2-in-1 solution

You should buy this black paint if you want to complete the painting project quickly. You get the paint and primer in the same pack. It saves your money, time, and offers a luxurious finish.

Designed to beautify multiple surfaces

You can use this paint to laminate cabinetry, paint furniture, plastic objects, stone and concrete surfaces, and metal railings.

Multiple color options

The black color is the best to paint stair railings. However, you get 11 more stunning color options. This paint is available in matte, satin, and gloss finishes.

Advanced formula

The One has developed a water-based, non-toxic, ultra-low VOC, and low odor formula. There are no harsh chemicals in this paint and therefore it does not trigger any health problems.


4. Krylon K05605007 COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Brush On Paint

The Krylon COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Brush On Paint is an excellent pick to get premium coverage. Praised for durability and adhesion, this black paint can protect metal, wood, plastic, masonry, and wrought iron surfaces.

The following features make it a reliable pick to protect stair railing:

Designed for long-lasting protection

You can buy this black paint to coat various types of indoor/outdoor surfaces. It won’t fade away due to environmental factors like other paints. It has been tested for long-term protection and therefore it is perfect for DIY paint projects.

Gloss black finish

This brush-on paint offers a glossy finish. Your stair railing will appear like a premium-quality metal surface installed to enhance protection and beautify the space.

Easy to apply and maintain

This latex acrylic paint spreads evenly to offer a smoother and glossy finish. It dries rapidly and maintains its shiny finish forever. You just need soap-water mix to clean it and maintain its gloss finish forever. You can paint up to 25 square feet area with this pack and the paint job will complete much faster!



You got 4 top-rated paint options to choose from. We have compared these products with other top-rated black paint from other brands. Buyers have praised those products for durability, finish, and easy maintenance features. Therefore, you should pick one of the four reviewed paints to beautify your stair railing.

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