5 of the Most Popular Refrigerator Decor Ideas

Refrigerators serve a very useful function in our homes, but they can be such an eyesore! Regardless of what finish you choose for your refrigerator, it’s not uncommon for them to just feel out of place in your home. After all, they aren’t meant to be very decorative.
However, there’s something that you can do about it! With a little creativity and effort, you can use our refrigerator decor ideas to learn how to decorate a refrigerator to serve more than just a practical purpose!

Most Popular Ideas for Decorating Your Refrigerator

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for decorating your refrigerator to make it less of an eyesore in your home, then we can help you.
Check out some of these most popular ideas for decorating your refrigerator and turning it into an asset for your kitchen’s style, not a liability!

Decorating Refrigerator with Stickers

One of the easiest and most affordable ways that you can make an impact on the way that your kitchen refrigerator looks is with the use of stickers. Any major retailer will have stickers, and you can find stickers specifically meant for your refrigerator at major online retailers. Stickers might not sound like they would look good, but when done tastefully, they can look great.
A great thing about stickers is that if you purchase stickers that are somewhat easily removed, you can change the look of your refrigerator according to the season. If you want to spruce up your refrigerator on a budget, then stickers for your refrigerator aren’t a bad option!

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Another great solution for those of you that not only want to decorate your refrigerator, but also make it functional and useful is a chalkboard. A chalkboard opens up a variety of possibilities and gives your refrigerator a new look that it wouldn’t have been able to achieve without.

  • The primary use for a chalkboard is to write simple notes, reminders, tasks, and other messages on. This is definitely one route that you can go, and nobody would blame you! A chalkboard can be very convenient when placed on your refrigerator to help organize your life.
  • However, another solution for the chalkboard would be to create art on it. If you are artistically inclined, you can draw chalk pictures and figures to not only keep your family entertained, but also to make your refrigerator a lot more interesting and fit into your kitchen style. Not only does this provide an extra element of interest to your refrigerator, but it also helps you keep your design fresh as you can erase it and put new things on your chalkboard all the time.

Refrigerator Decor Ideas

Decorate Top of The Refrigerator

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do on the front or sides of your refrigerator, it might be time to start thinking outside of the box! One thing that you can do to quickly and affordably spruce up your refrigerator is put decorative items on top of the refrigerator. This is temporary, easily changed, and often very affordable.

  • One idea for what to put on top of your refrigerator is potted plants. Plants that have vines or that drape down would be best. This provides an element of uniqueness to your appliance that is unattainable when purchased at the store!
  • Another idea is to put decorative figurines, sculptures, pictures, and more on top of your refrigerator. This way, the attention will be drawn to the top of your refrigerator instead of the front or side of it. Foliage especially looks great with a white refrigerator.
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If you’re looking for a much more affordable way to make your refrigerator look a lot better, then you can do no better than photos and magnets. You can use magnets creatively–and no, we’re not talking about the colored number magnets that you get for children! Magnets are made for refrigerators that feature attractive graphics and designs that you can use to complement the decor in your kitchen.
Making magnets even more appealing is the fact that you can easily change them out whenever you’d like with little or no hassle. Many people love using magnets as a way to reliably and affordably decorate their refrigerator and help it blend in with the kitchen decor around it.


The final option that we want to discuss for making your refrigerator better looking and more functional is productivity solutions. There are a variety of magnets, calendars, and sticky task management and organization solutions that you can put on the front of your refrigerator to make it work for you, rather than just being a fixture in your kitchen. Not only can these colorful mats help create a better looking refrigerator, they can improve your life and task management skills.

Refrigerator Decor Ideas with Productivity

Let’s Recap

Your refrigerator doesn’t have to be an eyesore. However, it can be a challenge. Now that you are equipped with these helpful tricks and tips, you can start the process of turning your refrigerator into a true asset for your home decor!

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