18 Fabulous Bathroom Vase Decorating Ideas

Vases add suitable Elegance to the living space. There are different ways to decorate your bathroom vases. Vases come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Here are some bathroom vase decorating ideas.
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Bathroom Vase Decorating Ideas

Green leaf

You can please a single Green Leaf and keep the design minimal. Usually, people think that a bouquet of different colors will increase the beauty of the space and is the best to decorate a vase. It is not valid. Choose a dramatically contrasting bright green leaf for a white-based vase.  For this look, you can also add fresh flowers.
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Wine corks

If you have a good collection of wine corks, you can feel the bathroom vase with these Corks.  You can collect wine corks from dinner parties or night outs.

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Twigs and branches

Many believe that big flowers and large leaves are the only good options to decorate a vase. However, it is not so. You can add cut flowers and twigs to the bathroom vases.  Choose the size of the twigs based on the vase you have. You can also pick these twigs from your backyard or from a nearby park. Add some led light on it and it makes the bathroom more beautiful.

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Coffee Beans

Adding coffee beans to the bathroom vase is of the best bathroom vase decorating ideas. Fill the vase with regular coffee beans. You can also place hexagonal candle in the center. If you are a craft person and good at painting, you can also paint the coffee beans.

Book page vase

If you have monochrome pages of a magazine, cut them into small pieces. Do not tear a new or good looking magazine. Use an older magazine. You can also personalize it. Go crazy and bring in funny ideas in creating patterns with the paper strips.

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An empty Vase

Yes! Just leave vase empty. This is the most simple and easiest bathroom vase decorating ideas. However, make sure the vase is attractive and eye catchy. You can use multiple vases of different sizes. While using multiple vases, make sure they are of the same design and pattern.


If your bathroom is well ventilated, you can place small house plants. If not use some fake plants. The plants create greenery and enhance the look of your bathroom.

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The driftwood gives coastal and rustic texture to the bathroom. You can make any kind of arrangement with drift wood. For a better look, take two vases. Place the smaller vase inside the bigger vase. Now fill the gap with pieces of driftwood. You can also add flowers from a nearby park or backyard to the top.

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Fruit Wheels

Combine fruits and flowers. Line walls of the vase with lemon, cut lemon horizontally to create lemon wheels, then arrange these wheels along the walls of the vase. After that place a smaller vase inside. Finally add water and flowers to the inner vase. This is one of the popular and most loved bathroom vase decorating ideas. You can see this arrangement in hotel rooms.

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Floater vase

To decorate the bathroom vase with floater, fill the three-quarters of the vase with water. Place a large frond inside the vase. Bend the frond so that it sits firmly inside the vase. The green frond adds welcoming freshness to your bathroom. You can change the water and frond once in three to four days.

Candy toppings

Collect the candy toppings. After you collect enough, take two vases. Put the smaller vase into the bigger one. Now fill the gap between the vases with these toppings. You can also place some fresh flowers or artificial flowers over the vases.

Decorating with flowers

When you are decorating the bathroom vases with flowers (artificial or natural), make your choices wisely. When you are choosing flowers for a vase with wide mouth, go for bunches. While choosing flowers for the vases with narrow mouth, go for flowers with long stem. For instance, tulips are the best option for a bathroom vase with narrow mouth.


Always arrange the vases according to their height and shape. Put the bubbly ones to the back and the smaller ones to the front. Also, arrange them based on their height. For instance, put the tallest vase to the left and the shortest vase to the right. And arrange the rest based on their height. You might think an orderly arrangement is outdated. However, it has its own elegance.

Bud Vases

You can cluster bud vases. Put the vases in the middle and arrange a series of candle sticks around the cluster.

Tall vases

Use tall vases to put long branches. If you are using glass vases, you can also add in some pebbles.

Tinted glass

The vases made of tinted glasses are gaining popularity. If you are using tinted glass vases, makes sure they suit the décor theme of the bathroom. You can add in colorful flowers to the vase. Even a handful of messy stems will enhance the look of the vase.

Vintage vessels

You can use vintage vessels as bathroom vases. The farmhouse bathrooms are gaining popularity these days. The vintage vessels bring out the farmhouse look so beautifully. You can add in roses and lilies or even garden flowers to these vessels to enhance their look.

Dry flowers

If you have an old jug, add in some dried flowers to the jug. This vase idea is one of the simplest and most affordable. When you decorate with dried flowers, you can increase the lifespan of the vase. You can buy some dried flowers from the market. Else, you can also collect some flowers from the garden, dry them and use them in the vase. Dried flowers stand stiff. Therefore, add plenty of them to bring out a good look.


Hope our vase decorating ideas will help you enhance the elegance of your bathrooms!

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